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The one-stop directory of ethical & sustainable brands that rewards you for shopping consciously.

Epic is the app that rewards you for buying products that are better for the planet, and empowers you to do more good, from tracking your personal impact to donating to good causes.

How you can have an epic impact


Browse our ever-growing directory of ethical shops and sustainable brands to find the products you need.


Connect your bank account to automatically collect rewards every time you shop with our retailers.


Renewable energy to power your home, reusable water bottles, or pre-prepared vegan meals, however you decide to buy better, you’ll earn Epic Points, our reward points for positive impact!


Use Epic Points to have an even bigger positive impact; buy from our eco-friendly UK brands, donate to charity or offset your carbon footprint, the choice is yours.

A few of the fantastic UK brands on board with Epic

Points with impact

At epic we believe that any decision to buy better should be rewarded.

That’s why we have created Epic Points, our digital reward points for positive impact.

Earning Epic Points is simple; whenever you shop with one of our sustainable brands and ethical shops, you will automatically receive Epic Points!

How to have a positive impact

Buying from ethical and sustainable brands is just the start when it comes to having a positive impact on the planet.

As a member of the epic community, you can use your Epic Points to do even more good for the world.

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Gift by Daniel Falk


With over 20,000 charities to choose from, you can use your Epic Points to support the good causes that mean something to you.
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molecule structure by Vectors Market


You can also use Epic Points to tackle climate change. We’ve selected projects from around the world that allow you to make a difference to local communities and, at the same time, offset your carbon footprint.
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invest by Pavitra


Convert your points from other loyalty programmes into Epic Points so you can support the causes closest to your heart.

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