Seed round investment opportunity

Thank you for your interest in supporting us in our mission to enable consumers to understand how their consumption habits impact the world around them, and to motivate them - through gamification, personalised recommendations and rewards - to make choices that have a positive impact on humanity, nature and the environment.

A global problem

In all corners over the world, it is increasingly impossible to ignore the damaging effects human activity is having on the planet. Yet, despite a growing desire amongst consumers to buy from brands that share their values, when it comes to making personal consumption choices, breaking habits built around convenience and affordability is proving difficult to do. Why? The reasons are many, but fundamentally it is because at an individual level, people don't believe they can make a difference.

At Epic Impact, we want to change that.

Our vision

What if, every time we spend money, we had a positive impact on the planet?
A world where every purchase we made supported the causes that mean something to us; protecting wildlife, alleviating poverty, cleaning the oceans, all supported by our day-to-day spending, creating a cleaner, fairer world.
At Epic Impact, we have built a platform to do just that.

Introducing, Personal Impact Management

We are spearheading the creation of a new category of lifestyle tool; Personal Impact Management.
With our Ethical Personal Impact Companion app, we highlight to consumers how their day-to-day spending can have more of a positive impact on the causes that are important to them, make personalised, values-based recommendations of merchants and brands they could shop with to make more of a difference, and then motivate them to switch and do more good through our Epic Points rewards programme, rewards designed exclusively to have a positive impact on humanity, nature and the environment.

Our ambition

To date, we've already achieved so much; we've vetted over 650 UK businesses, built an app that is multi-lingual and multi-currency in anticipation for our future launches in Australia and Europe, connected our platform to six of the world's leading e-commerce and ePOS solutions (Magento 2, Shopify, Square, Squarespace, WooCommerce & WIX), trademarked our logo (quite the achievement given a certain games company!), and become a Certified B Corp.

However, this is just the groundwork for our international ambitions.

We are building more than just a tech platform; we are building a community of individuals and businesses, so that we can come together as a single collective to affect positive change on a global scale.

For businesses that are purpose-led and building new systems for satisfying consumption needs, whether they offer repair and upcycling services or are leading the charge to a circular economy, we provide an ecosystem in which  they can seek out, target and build values-based relationships with the growing numbers of conscious consumers, free from the greenwashing influences of those companies with questionable ethics.

For consumers, our members, we will fuse financial services with personal values and community action to become their trusted companion in nurturing their desire to do good into positive habit-forming actions. No matter their individual purchasing power, we will show our member community that each and every one of us can make a difference to future of life on this planet, by simply changing from whom we buy, or hire, our favourite items.

Our investors

We’re delighted and honoured to have our vision and ambitions supported by a collection of like-minded investors, passionate about driving a global change in behaviour that could safeguard the future of life on planet Earth.

Adoreum PartnersConsilium VenturesTrue AltitudeValidify

Let's talk

Having completed our Angel round in 2018, we are now raising our Seed round (EIS eligible) to take us through to our next major milestones. With follow-on commitments secured from existing investors, including Consilium Ventures who are leading the round, we are now inviting new investors to join us on our journey.

Whether you are a private investor, a family office or an Early-Stage VC, we would love to speak with you to share more detail on our future plans. If you would like to hear more, then please use the scheduler below to book a meeting with our CEO, James Brown, who will walk you through our investor deck before then inviting you to our data room, should you wish to take the conversation further.

Thank you for your time, and we look forward to hopefully collaborating with you to have an epic impact on the world.

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